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Review Far Cry 3 game

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Game: Far Cry 3
Platform: PC, PS3, X360
Genre: action
Release date: 30 November 2012
Developer: Ubisoft Montréal, Ubisoft Massive
Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
“Sandbox” in a large open world and fun, a real immersion in the game for a long time, these concepts were compatible about the same as Dolphin and mermaid from the famous song. In fact, still marry their only role-playing games from the series of “Gothic” and The Elder Scrolls, and that is only because there are developers emphasized rather than “sandbox”, and on a great, fun and hand-crafted world: Bethesda can afford to spend years and unlimited budgets.And here at action games that honestly tried to implement the game “sandbox”, that somehow it was a disaster...
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Review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown game

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Publishers today released a new turn-based tactical game — fear of financial failure, believing that they will be too difficult for the modern player.
High give the nod to the remakes of cult classics, but there purpose is to simplify and change the usual tactical system. Thus was born the Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. But what different they were. If the Germans after the surgery to remove the turn-based battle system is extremely lean, devoid of tactical voltage game, the Firaxis Games probably is not removed, and creatively re-interpreted, managed to save and still the complexity, power, and fascination. Well forgotten oldThe original X-COM: UFO Defense, released in 1993 year, not in vain several times voted the best computer game in history...
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The Last of Us game

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Game: The Last of Us
Platform: PS3
Genre: action
Release date: June 14, 2013
Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment


Did you know that…The developers put into the game specific “Easter egg”: phones, presented here as “protection from insects”, in the real world are the numbers of “phone sex”.
Actress Ellen page (Ellen Page) in his Twitter said that the main heroine of the game is suspiciously similar to her. Do not lie — the resemblance is really almost portrait. The design of the main character was slightly redesigned, but it’s not too helpful.
The game idea was inspired by one of the previous developments Naughty Dog, Uncharted 2. In one scene, the main character was supposed to explore a large cave paired with another character.

The Last of Us — exclusive...
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Review Battlefield 2

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Famous first person shooter
game based on a fictional conflict in the twenty-first century, was released by Digital Illusions CE (DICE) in 2005 using some role-playing and strategic mechanisms that have helped to create an exciting multiplayer game. A million copies were sold in the first month after the game’s release, and at the moment the number of licenses sold worldwide amounted to ten million, which exceeds even the result of Battlefield 3 (although it is difficult to evaluate these data because EA doesn’t share sales of games for PCs and game consoles).
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Review The Sims 2

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30 most popular games | How to choose?
The absence of any statistics and research on the sales of video games greatly complicates our task, so we rely on ratings and results, which are published on VGChartz and Wikipedia. The problem is that these resources are taken into account only physical copies, but does not keep records of online sales. In addition, VGChartz doesn’t divide the game in compatibility with operating systems – Windows, Mac and Linux. Sometimes it is impossible to tell the difference between the sales for PCs and consoles, because publishers provide incomplete information.

In General, in order to create the most accurate ratings, we researched various publications and charts, discussing the cultural influence of a game...

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